Save the original data of your precious photos

High-quality, large-capacity storage

What is the best data storage solution for all photo lovers? To provide an answer to this question, Nikon has launched "NIKON IMAGE SPACE", a new photo cloud service that provides high-quality, large-capacity storage.

With "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" you can save the original data of your precious photos and video, and organize and share images without changing the expressive power of your photos. The service supports JPEG data as well as NEF and NRW data*. Data you save can be displayed in high definition at the original size.

*NIKON RAW image files

2GB for everyone.
20GB for NIKON product owners.

Sign up for a (free) BASIC ACCOUNT and you'll get 2GB of storage. If you own a NIKON camera, you can upgrade for free to a SPECIAL ACCOUNT with additional features and 20GB of storage.

Designed for easy viewing

Screen design puts a priority on ease of viewing and user friendliness, while the interface combines simplicity with sophisticated beauty to display photos in a more beautiful, more true-to-life style.

Browse in comfort

Smooth display of thumbnails and enlarged images and smooth switching between views help create an enjoyable user experience.

Original-size display

Photos can be displayed dot by dot. Viewing images at their original resolution makes it possible to check for differences in focus, and subtle blurry areas.

Download original-size images

Saved photos can be downloaded as original data complete with Exif information.

View images on your smartphone or tablet

Photos saved in "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" can be browsed from smartphone and tablet browsers. The image size and interface are optimized for mobile devices so you can comfortably view your photos.

Beautiful automatic layout of photos

"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" features Book View, a function that displays photos in a beautiful style that's almost like having your very own photo book. Showcase the unique charms of your photos. You'll make new discoveries and impress your friends and family.