Faithful to your photographic tastes Easy handling and beautiful display of your precious photos

Line up, compare, and organize your photos.
"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" provides operability that is faithful to your sensibilities in a variety of photo handling situations. A range of different display methods allow you to find the photos that you want to keep and those that you want to share more accurately and comfortably.

View. Compare. Organize. Comprehensive functionality

Design that puts a priority on photo display

A sophisticated screen and interface design ensures more beautiful, more true-to-life photo display.

Customize background color and frames

Background color can be customized in six shades from white to black. It is possible to configure settings like image frame display, shadow display, and file name display.

Five thumbnail sizes

Select the display size using a slide bar. Photos are displayed quickly from minimum size to maximum size without image-loading stress.

Support for all still image formats that can be taken with a Nikon camera

"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" supports saving and previewing of NEF data*, NRW data*, and TIFF data.
*NIKON RAW image files

Display photos taken in portrait orientation and landscape orientation at the same ratio

All images can be displayed at the same ratio for improved viewing. This makes it possible to check photos more quickly and accurately.

Try rearranging things

Display details like file name, date, aperture, lens, and white balance for all your images. Simply click each item to sort photos by the desired criteria.

  • File Name
  • Shooting Date
  • Uploaded Date
  • File Size
  • Image Size
  • Camera
  • Focal Length
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • Exposure Comp.
  • lens
  • Flash Mode
  • White Balance
  • ISO Sensitivity
  • Picture Control

Take a closer look

By switching to Carousel View, you can display an enlarged view of only the photo you want to see, and flip through your photos in order to take a closer look at each one.

Go on location

Display photos from location-aware digital cameras and smartphones on a map. You can even manually add location data to photos taken with cameras that don't support location data.

  • Automatically categorize photos by date taken, date uploaded, and camera model

    Categorized photos can be sorted by file name, file size, and other attributes. By saving selected photos in My Albums, it is possible to reorder photos by even more detailed criteria.

  • My Albums

    In addition to automatic arrangement of photos by file name or the order in which they were taken, the Custom feature makes it possible to arrange photos in an album in any desired order. You can also create boxes to organize albums.

  • Shared Albums

    Store shared albums. It is possible to check sharing settings and update shared albums.

Extra peace-of-mind to the fun of sharing

Manage sharing status
Stop sharing with a single click

It is possible to check shared date and time, people with whom data is shared, shared URLs, guest page settings information, and other information.

Update and share albums in real time - even shared ones

When a photo is added to a shared album, people with whom the album is shared can see the updated album immediately.

Set passwords for Shared Albums

SPECIAL ACCOUNT holders are able to set passwords for albums. This makes it possible to share private albums with peace of mind.

Allow or prohibit a user from downloading shared content

SPECIAL ACCOUNT holders are able to control whether others are allowed to download photos. It is also possible to specify the size of downloaded images and to share original size images.

Connect with a NIKON camera for more fun

View and share Nikon 1 Motion Snapshot images at any time

"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" also lets you play Motion Snapshot, a special type of video that can only be taken with the Nikon 1 which combines the photo you took with video recorded by the camera several seconds before and after the moment you pressed the button.

Automatically record GPS data

When uploading an image taken with a smartphone or a digital camera capable of recording location data, like the COOLPIX AW100 or the COOLPIX AW110, you can check the spot the photo was taken simply by switching to Map View.

Operating environment
Supported usage environments
Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9/10
Mac: Safari 5/6
Flash Player: Adobe Flash Player 13 or later
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Supported file formats
Images: JPEG, TIFF*, NEF (RAW), NRW (RAW), MPO *Uncompressed files or LZW compression only
Video/audio: MOV, AVI, WAV
Motion Snapshot: NMS(MOV, JPEG)
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