When putting your best work on show, choose a photo-sharing service that provides a touch of class and peace-of-mind.

"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" gives you the ability to publish photos privately or post them on a social networking service and even lets you share entire albums.

From sharing photos with specific individuals to publishing photos on a social networking service or blog for everyone to see, "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" responds to a variety of photo-sharing needs. With simple photo-sharing operations, you can enhance the narrative of a particular album by sorting images in a desired order or bring your photos to life by displaying where they were taken on a map.

Thanks to screen display optimized for ordinary cell phones and smartphones as well as PCs, shared photos can be viewed at any time and any place with ease.

Share videos and Nikon's unique Motion Snapshot images

Aside from photos, "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" lets you share video and Motion Snapshot images, unique videos taken with the Nikon 1. Shared videos and Motion Snapshot images can be played and viewed instantly on a PC or smartphone browser.

Send shared-album notifications

Simply type an email address and complete a few simple operations to share your photos. A notification email with a beautiful cover photo is delivered automatically. The addressee and the date and time the email was sent are recorded, making it easy to check usage history later.

Issue URLs

"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" lets you issue URLs for shared albums. You can paste a URL on a social networking service or blog or use it any way you want to extend the reach of your photos. Selecting "Send from mailer" lets you immediately start writing an email containing the URL. The ability to send emails and manage usage history is handy if you want to use your regular email client.

Publish photos on your blog

Posting photos from "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" on your blog is easy as there's no need to re-upload image data to your blog site. You can publish photos on your blog simply by embedding blog-friendly photo links and HTML tags.

Share photos via Facebook and Twitter

"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" lets you share photos via social networking service simply by pressing the Facebook or Twitter button shown above each image. As you can post images one at a time or share whole albums, it's easy to share multiple photos in a jiffy, plus there's no need to worry about waiting for uploads to finish.