Enjoy greater peace-of-mind and comfort with a SPECIAL ACCOUNT

20GB of storage space and more-detailed photo sharing

Nikon provides special functions that accentuate the degree of freedom offered by the huge 20GB of storage space and photo management and sharing features available only to Nikon camera owners.
Upgrade to a SPECIAL ACCOUNT today and discover yet another reason why it's good to be a Nikon user.

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Huge storage space

Thanks to an increase in storage space from 2GB to 20GB, SPECIAL ACCOUNT holders can store a great number of photos and videos without having to worry about running out of space.

Password-protected album sharing

Share photos that you only want to show to certain people in a password-protected album for peace of mind.

Share original data

People who you have shared images with can download high-quality original data. In addition to JPEG, it is also possible for them to download images taken with a Nikon camera in NEF, NRW, TIFF, and other file formats.

Restrict downloading of shared content

With a SPECIAL ACCOUNT, you have the ability to restrict downloading of shared photos. This feature is convenient when you want to show people photos without giving them the data.

Comparison of Account Features

Storage Capacity 2GB 20GB
No. of photos that can be uploaded simultaneously 200 2,000
No. of albums that can be saved 200 10,000
Share original data images No Yes
Download control for members No Yes (Allow/Prohibit)
Share albums with a password No Yes
Blog link image size S: 320 x 240
M: 640 x 480
S: 320 x 240
M: 640 x 480
L: 1024 x 768
HD: 1920 x 1080

Upgrade Method

Before upgrading to a SPECIAL ACCOUNT, you must sign up for a BASIC ACCOUNT.

BASIC ACCOUNT Registration (Free)

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Authenticate and register your camera using the upgrade software.