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August 19, 2014
Handier and more convenient! "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" has been upgraded!

Thank you for using "NIKON IMAGE SPACE".

Enhanced Guest Pages

Why not share your pictures your family and friends who live far away?

Guest Pages allow non-members to view your photos. This upgrade makes them more user-friendly than ever.

  • Photos can be displayed with a simple click. There is no need bother installing plug-ins.

  • The same layout is beautifully reproduced on PC, tablet and smartphone.

  • Four types of attractive page designs are available to present your photos.

  • The new Flow View is now available.
    • You can view a stream of photos one by one.
    • On a smartphone or a tablet, you can move to the next photo with the flick of a finger.
    • With a tablet, you can enjoy even more dynamic viewing.

  • Street View is also supported. This feature gives a very realistic viewing experience.

  • Enhanced functions for smartphones. The following functions that were available only on PCs are now available on smartphones:
    • Map View to show viewers where photos were taken.
    • Download photos you want to keep to your smartphone.
    • ”NIKON IMAGE SPACE” members can copy entire albums to their accounts.
    • Play a slide show to re-experience your beautiful photos.

  • Enhanced anti-spam measures

    Has the email with the Guest Page URL ever failed to reach its intended recipient because it ended up in their spam folder? We have introduced an effective anti-spam measure to ensure that you never have to experience this disappointment again.

    Emails with URLs are now sent from email addresses of the form*.

    *We recommend you let your viewers, family and friends know the email address so that they configure their email filters to allow messages from these addresses.

Now you are ready to present your best photos using the greatly enhanced Guest Pages!

For information on how to use Guest Pages to display your photos, follow this link.

Map View is now easier to use

Map View allows you to easily check where photos were taken. Now this function is even easier to use.

  • A separate window pops up for easier use.
  • Street View is also supported. This feature gives a very realistic viewing experience.

Have great fun sharing your photos using the upgraded “NIKON IMAGE SPACE”!!

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